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the cast of the September 9, 2019 show...

mostly new musicals september 9 cast

the cast of the August 12, 2019 show...

August 12, 2019 show cast

the cast of the June 3, 2019 show...

June 3, 2019 show cast

front: Kelley Dorney, Erica Hanrahan-Ball, Will Collyer, Gregory Nabours
middle: Leslie Rubino, Dino Nicandros, Carson Robinette, Bella Hicks, producer amy francis schott, Amanda Kruger, Karole Foreman, Bryce Charles, Cornelius Jones Jr
back: Kristina Miller, James Olivas, Michael-Leon Wooley, Taubert Nadalini, Michael Noah Levine, Kevin Bailey, Mark Jacobson

the cast of the April 8, 2019 show...

April 8, 2019 show cast

front: Jeffrey Polk and Gabriel Gonzalez
middle: Sebastian Gonzalez, Carlie Craig, Annie Gonzalez, Vincent Perez, Amanda Kruger, producer amy francis schott, Jennifer Sun Bell, Eric B. Anthony
back: Emily Clark, Gregory Nabours, Nick Sacks, Elizabeth Adabale, April Nixon, Sharon McNight, Molly Stilliens, Mark Jacobson, and Michael Scott Harris

the cast of the January 7, 2019 show...

January 7, 2019 show cast

the cast of the November 19, 2018 show...

November 19, 2018 show cast

front:  Jeffrey Polk, Jacquelin Lorraine, Gabriel Gonzalez, April Nixon
middle:  Gregory Nabours, Iara Nemirovsky, Laura Harrison, Elizabeth Adabale, Alli Miller, producer amy francis schott, Natalia Vivino, Kelley Dorney, Otis Easter
back: Emily Clark, Dominique Kent, Juan Lozano, Jonny Lee Jr, Keith Harrison, Amy Engelhardt, Kristina Miller, Justin Anthony Long, Shawn Ryan, Client Bowers, Aaron Braxton

the cast of the August 27, 2018 show...

August 27, 2018 show cast

(most of) the cast of the May 28, 2018 show...

May 28, 2018 show cast

front: David Crane, Mark Jacobson, Kelley Dorney, Jeffrey Polk
middle: producer amy francis schott, Amanda Kruger, Sharon McNight, Kristy Hanson, Parissa Koo
back: music director Jake Anthony, Nic Hodges, Emily Clark, Ashley Ruth Jones, Michael-Leon Wooley, Jahmaul Bakare, Claire Adams, Morgan West

(most of) the cast of the January 8, 2018 show...

January 8 show cast

(most of) the cast of the November 6, 2017 show...

November 6 show cast

Front: Matt Valle, Amber Liekhus, Gregory Nabours, Jeffrey Polk, Lesley McKinnell
Middle: Sharon McNight, Ayme Olivo, producer amy francis schott, Amanda Kruger
Back: Rudy Martinez, Kristina Miller, Christine Tucker, Justin Anthony Long, Michael-Leon Wooley, Emily Clark, Gina Manziello, Rachel Addington, Wendy Rosoff.

videos from the november show

(most of) the cast of the September 25, 2017 show...

September 25 show cast

front: Gregory Nabours, Mark Jacobson, Domonique Paton, Kelley Dorney
middle: Matt Valle, amy francis schott, Emily Clark, Sherry Mandujano, Caitlin Gallogly
back: Juan Lozano, Deedee Magno Hall, Michael-Leon Wooley, Tiana Okoye, Randy Guiaya, Neil Taffe, Stanton Morales, Sharon McNight

videos from the september show

the cast of the (mostly) musicals July 3, 2017 show...

July 3 mostly musicals cast

the cast of the (mostly) musicals May 22, 2017 show...

March 22 mostly musicals cast

(floor) music director Gregory Nabours, Cooper Howell, producer amy francis schott, Matt Valle
Middle: Sharon McNight, David LaMarr, Michelle Ortiz, Ashley Ruth Jones, Katrina Rennells
(back) Kelley Dorney, Domonique Paton, Christine Tucker, Emily Clark, Christopher Maikish, Michael-Leon Wooley, Alli Miller, Espiridion Magana, Pamela Eberhardt, Jeff Scot Carey and Matt Magnusson

And here's Rob Stevens' review in case you missed the show.

the cast of the (mostly) musicals March 13, 2017 show...

March 13 mostly musicals cast

Front: Matt Magnusson, Alison Luff, Mark Jacobson, Emily Clark, Amanda Kruger, Gregory Nabours, amy francis schott, Sharon McNight, Brin Hamblin, Dana Shaw, J. Elaine Marcos, Perry Lambert​
Back row: Jason Michael Snow, Benjamin Schrader, Miguel Cardenas, Cory Robinson, Michael-Leon Wooley, Cindy Sciacca

the cast of the (mostly) musicals January 16, 2017 show...

January 16 mostly musicals cast

(front) music director Gregory Nabours, Kelley Dorney, Justin Michael Wilcox
(middle) Kristina Miller, Jason Peter Kennedy, Randy Guiaya, producer Amy Francis Schott, Amanda Kruger, Matt Valle, Caitlin Gallogly, Eric B. Anthony, Selda Sahin, Eric Krop
(back) Mark Jacobson, Emily Clark, Jeff Scot Carey, Michael-Leon Wooley, Tiana Okoye, David LaMarr, Drew Fornarola

the cast of the (mostly) musicals December 12, 2016 show...

December 12 mostly musicals cast

the cast of the (mostly) musicals September 19, 2016 show...

August 15 mostly musicals cast

the cast of the (mostly) musicals August 15, 2016 show...

August 15 mostly musicals cast

(from left): Daniel Stewart, music director Gregory Nabours, Amy Engelhardt, Emily Clark, Miki Yamashita, Jenna Carley, Derek Carley, producer amy francis schott, Sharon McNight, Kelley Dorney, Marc Ginsburg, John Devereaux, Tod Macofsky, Matthew Sims, Jason Peter Kennedy, Tiana Okoye, Michael-Leon Wooley, and Hannah Corrigan

the cast of the (mostly) musicals April 25, 2016 show...

April 25 mostly musicals cast

(front) Kelley Dorney, Jeffrey Polk
(middle) Sharon McNight, producer amy francis schott, J. Elaine Marcos
(back) Laura L. Thomas, Joshua Finkel, Gregory Nabours, Dedrick Bonner, Rhett George, Jasmin Richardson, Jason Peter Kennedy, Zachariah Griffin, Espiridion Magana, Emily Clark, Mark Jacobson, and Jeffrey Landman

And the review is smashing.

(mostly) musicals presented the music of Drew Fornarola

Monday April 4, 2016 at Au Lac, across from the Music Center in downtown LA

(mostly) Drew Fornarola flier

The cast of the February 15, 2016 (mostly) musicals show at the E-Spot Lounge.

February 15 mostly musicals cast

The cast of the Jaunary 4, 2016 show at the E-Spot Lounge.

jaunary 4 mostly musicals cast

front: music director Gregory Nabours, Randi Cee, Jeffrey Polk
middle: Katherine Washington, Kelley Dorney, Devyn Rush, Mark Jacobson, Sharon McNight, producer amy francis schott, Chanel Edwards-Frederick, Emily Clark, Ben Boquist
back: Will Collyer, Rhett George, David Crane, Zachariah Griffin, Jeff Scot Carey, Alex Mohajer

(mostly) the cast of the October 7, 2015 show at the E-Spot Lounge.

october 7 mostly musicals cast

august 24, 2015 (mostly)musicals cast

the talented august 24 mostly musicals cast

back: music director Gregory Nabours, David Crane, Heather Lake, Christopher Maikish, Eric B. Anthony, Alli Miller, Sandra Benton, Christina Morrell, Tod Macofsky, Sharon McNight, Jason Peter Kennedy, Pat Whiteman, Travis Dixon
front: producer amy francis schott, Emerson Boatwright, Kelley Dorney, Sherry Mandujano
(not shown: Rachel Tyler)

(most of) the cast of our July 6, 2015 show at the E-Spot

(mostly)musicals 12 cast

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